Basque linen Carmel. Jan de Luz, the specialist of Basque linen made in Carmel, California

Jan de Luz

Basque Linen Carmel, Jan de Luz Basque linen from Carmel, California. Classic linen french style

The Basque linen found its origins in the mantle of a Cow, the canvas was covering the Basque cows to protect them from the sun and pests.




It was said that the wider the central stripe was, the wealthier were their owners.

 It is from this old tradition that the Basque linen was born and became famous for his tablecloths , dish towels, and other linens.

Located in California for now many years, Jan de Luz, remains the benchmark for upscale linen around the world.

You can order on the site of Jan de Luz without any fee.

Basque linen from Jan de Luz is signed as a token of origin and quality.

Towels, tablecloths, bathrobes, all Jan de Luz items are available in original boxes.

The refinement of the presentation and the care taken in manufacturing Jan de Luz Basque Linen is renown in the world.

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